Top 10 Things To Do In Tokyo

I have been living in Tokyo for almost 3 years now and had the pleasure of visiting it many times before that. Collectively known as Otaku, this popular segment of Japanese culture not only underlies a lot of the country's character in pop culture, but specific character, most conspicuously Pokemon. Housing an extensive collection of antiquities and artworks from Japan and around Asia, the museum is well worth at least half a day.

Tokyo is a beautiful city to visit as it has two different sides to marvel at: it's so highly technologic, modern and chaotic but, at the same time, it has a hidden and more intimate historical side made up of beautiful temples, astonishing thermal bath experiences and so much more.

Covering a variety of Japanese cuisine, Kim winds through the small alleyways filled with Izakaya's in Memory Lane (Omoide Yokocho) to the famous curry udon dishes served at Tsurutontan. A unique glass spiral walkway and 1,500-foot viewpoint will test your fear of heights, while an array of family-friendly attractions below make it a popular excursion throughout the day.

Avisit Meiji-jingu Shinto Shrine - One of many popular things to do in Tokyo. It's famous for many electronics shops where you can find all the Japanese tech you'll ever need. At night the tower shimmers blue and pink and you can visit at night until 10 pm so that you can check out the sparkling city below.

While we didn't walk across the bridge ourselves—we drove across it on our Maricar trip —it's on our list for next time so I can take some photos. Osaka - A less intense version of Tokyo with a wonderful aquarium, some very cool shopping districts, and an interesting transportation museum kids will love.

I noticed a lot of Japanese people rubbing the smoke from the incense onto their bodies and clothes. If you've got more than three days Things to Do in Tokyo in Tokyo, you might want to take a day trip out of the city. The giant Buddha statue in Kamakura is probably the most famous daibutsu in Japan, and Kamakura is an easy day trip from Tokyo.

18. Visit an onsen theme park, Oedo Onsen Monogatari , to experience the Japanese tradition of bathing naked in hot spring waters. The Narita Express train is the easiest way to get from Narita airport to Shinjuku, Shibuya and Tokyo stations. Visiting one of observatories in Tokyo is an essential since the overlook view of the city is pretty impressive specially at night.

This is also the location of one of the famous Ramen Museums in Japan. Home to the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation and Odaiba Seaside Park, families with kids will delight at the beach area and Tokyo's own Statue of Liberty. If you're lucky, you'll survive Iva's trip to the mouth of this so called underground and how street art has transformed folklore into modern day times.

Tokyo has numbers of fancy restaurants and bars serving fine meals, but for more unique booze experience, Izakaya alleys (Yokocho) are better options. Happo-en Japanese Garden sits in Shirokanedai district of Tokyo and is an exquisite example of natural beauty with its ancient bonsai, koi pond and blanket of cherry blossoms in the Springtime.

Another good choice if you want to get out of the city for a while is a trip to the Enoshima Beaches which are located in neighboring Kanagawa. During Sundays, you may be able to witness a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony. Harajuku Station - First stop on the 5 day Tokyo itinerary.

It's a place where you can explore fascinating museums, indulge in fresh seafood fare, shop for high-tech gadgets and soak up panoramic views of the city, all in one day thanks to its super efficient transportation system. Although it's is a huge district, Shibuya usually alludes to the shopping and entertainment district centered around Shibuya station.

Throughout the last 500 years, Tokyo has experienced growth like no other city. Huge numbers of Japanese people travel domestically at this time and you can expect large crowds and high prices for accommodation and transport. Hakone is a great roundtrip journey via train, mountain tram, cable car, and even a pirate ship, with plenty of Japanese inn or hotels on the loop trip (you'd want to leave heavy luggage in Tokyo).

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